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Cruise Control Tips
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Cruise Control Lag Fix

Leigh Shepard - Gl1800

Here is a simple fix that you can do yourself to fix your cruise control. If done correctly, your cruise will engage the instant you set it, no waiting.

First, take off the speaker covers. Pull down on the top of the speaker cover with your fingernails. Then work the covers off. Next, remove the hex bolt from the 7 o'clock position on the left speaker and the 5 o'clock position on the right speaker. Then remove the plastic pull rivet from the 1 o'clock position on the left speaker and the 11 o'clock position on the right speaker. Once the is done, lift up on the shelter with both hands on both sides where you insert the key. The shelter should release similar to how the side covers come off. Don't lift the shelter too high. There is a connector right under the shelter below the three buttons that control the display. DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRES. They will come out of the plug very easily. Use a very small screwdriver and you will be able to remove the connector from the plug. Once you have done this, your shelter can be removed. Once I got this connector apart, I filed down the catch so that it would be much easier to pull apart in the future.

The adjuster is located straight down the right side of the ignition key about 5 inches or so. You have to peel back the right plastic guard under the ignition to get to it. It helps to have a second person to hold the plastic back and shine a trouble light on the adjuster. It looks just like the throttle adjuster above the throttle, a long nut to adjust and a small nut to lock the long nut. Just adjust the long nut away from the short nut to reduce the lag. If you adjust the long nut as far as it will go, the bike will actually increase speed by 2 mph when you hit the set button. And it doesn't do it slowly either, the bike will jump. So don't go that far. You can see the original post on this in the gl1800 yahoo message board #13475.

Additional info. The lock nut is a 10MM and the long nut is an 8MM. You may have to experiment to get the adjustment the way you want it. On my bike I backed the long nut away from the lock nut 4 full turns. Give yourself plenty of time to do this as you might have to test the setting a couple of times. The bike can be driven without putting the shelter back in place. Take it for a test ride, check the setting of the cruise control. Make further adjustments as required. Reassemble everything once you get it where you want it!

I just need to add that this has worked marvelously for me. I still find myself wondering why these bikes are being delivered without the proper adjustment since once adjusted, the cruise control works so well!!

  • If I can I would like to expand on Leigh's cruise control fix. If you have a gl1800 service manual or access to one on page 20-16 ACTUATOR CABLE ADJUSTMENT is the key to a good cruise control. You may need to remove more plastic but it will eliminate the need for trial and error. Just remember to look straight down at the actuator when making the adjustment and rotate your throttle a few times to see if the adjustment is correct. You have to remove the INSTRUMENT COVER page 2-9 in same manual. The hole they refer to is on the left just below the three connectors, you will have to take some time to find the ACTUATOR that they are referring to, it took me three adjustments mine and two friends before I found out how easy it is, the results are like day and night. Take your time it is not difficult and most dealers don't know that the CC can be fixed. One more thing use a flashlight when you look into the hole for the actuator. 
  • I've had my Wing since March and finally got around to adjusting the cruise control lag time. I had your post on the work bench right beside me and it was a breeze. The cruise now engages instantly and smoothly. I had to rotate the adjuster almost 5 full turns. Leigh, I would have never attempted this adjustment without your post and I want to thank you so much for all the valuable information you have posted.